PP16: 5 Ways Patreon Could Be Better

Instead of an interview, this week I’m talking about the main focus and purpose of the podcast, an interesting Patreon case study, and the top five ways Patreon could be improved.

Patreon Case Study: SMBC WebComic

Patreon did a case study on the Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal webcomic’s success. Hear Jack Conte talk about it here:

5 Ways Patreon Could Be Better

5. Do a case study on building Patreon support without a built-in audience.

Gaining financial support on Patreon is one thing when you have a built-in audience, but what about people who have grown their audience through Patreon?

4. More visible website/social media links.


3. More visible, intuitive downloads and creation links.


2. Automatically import RSS feeds.

Patreon allows users to automatically import any new YouTube videos to their Patreon page… what about other RSS feeds for webcomics and podcasts, etc?

1. ONE account for multiple projects.

Many creative people have multiple projects happening at the same time, myself included. Currently, in order to create a separate Patreon page for each project, you must also create a separate account for each project, instead of managing all the different projects pages from a single account.

Got anything you would add to this list? Let me know!

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  • Don’t forget html embed codes for displaying our Patreon page right on our own webistes.

  • Along with Brian’s suggestion and the One Account idea I would like to see a Reward Tracker for my patrons. Each person is signed up to a tier… can’t I have some check boxes to help me remember who I sent what to?

    Naturally at this point we’re just suggesting kindly. They’re as new at this as we are… and they’re genius for coming up with the whole thing!

    That being said I can’t wait for someone else to do the same thing except as a WordPress plug-in. For those of us without the built-in audience the popularity of the payment service doesn’t matter. No one is finding us through the Patreon site. So when that option does come (or if it’s here and I just don’t know about it yet) I’m all in. Fees suck.

    • Yeah, a WordPress plugin would be great. I would say one advantage Patreon might have for those without a built-in audience is the ability to see who is following whom, and potentially discover/be discovered that way.

      • You really think patrons are using the website beyond the initial sign-up? I truly don’t. Even when I put out bonus content and message everyone I get maybe one or two people who download it.

        I’m not saying people wouldn’t do it… just that, as you pointed out, the site doesn’t really help people discover more people to support as they should.

        • Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I like discovering new creators. If I’m supporting someone, I’ll often check to see who THEY’RE supporting.

          Unfortunately, a lot of Creators are still in the habit of setting ALL their content to Patron-only, which severely limits their discoverability :-/