PP09: Mari Cody is creating Art & Photography

Get to know Mari Cody; artist, photographer and… unicorn?

About Mari

Mari is a photographer, cat-whisperer, innovative knitter and unicorn from San Diego.


Mari got started in photography at age 10, when she received a camera as a gift. She is self-taught, which allows her to think outside of the box with her photography, but also sometimes results in her photos not quite matching up to what others might consider “technically” correct.

She sees photography as a way to capture the beauty in things that are often easily overlooked. Recently, she has begun working more on macro photography; capturing tiny subjects in a large way.

Here are some of her favorite works (click for the full image):



Mari’s Patreon Page

Highlights from Mari’s Patreon Page:

  • Incentives include digital downloads of photos, postcards, and even photobooks!
  • Milestone goals include a new camera and studio equipment and travel costs.

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